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Alrighty! Hi y’all!

In case you don’t know me already, my name is Ami. I am a mom of three awesome kiddos (5,4, and 3) and wife to the most amazing man. I recently agreed (and sorted out my mess) to be able to write a cooking column for the local Vilonia Eagle news paper. I have the Facebook page started and everyone is welcome to join! However…I talk to much, have too much time on my hands, and am constantly reading, experimenting, and cooking.

So here is our first entry for The Common Sense Cook. Here are just a few of the guidelines that most all of my recipes will have. Paleo, Cost Effective, Yummy, Easy. Sounds good right? But what’s paleo? Paleo is a way of eating that seeks to reduce inflammation in the body and allows for identification of sensitivities. I went Paleo back in March. The real struggle was learning that I am gluten intolerant. Then in April, as locals know, my house was destroyed by a tornado. We were homeless for four months, staying wherever we were able to. The struggle to eat gluten free, and dairy free for my youngest was so hard. But, I feel like I can appreciate the lessons and hopefully will remind myself on those days I don’t want to cook, how nice it is to have a kitchen to even be able to cook in.

What are my goals with the blog, column, and Facebook page? To get the word out! Healthy eating is real, real delicious, and real food. We follow a paleolithic diet. I have seen so many benefits for myself and my family. It does this momma’s heart some good knowing that what I am putting in my family’s bodies are what is best for them.

I have conquered the picky eater, I have tackled the mid-night wake up calls, I am proud of my children and their healthy habits and often times I find my kiddos are much better behaved and better at concentrating on tasks. It doesn’t hurt that I am not a short order cook and cannot individually fix food for five separate people. Paleo helps with not only my gluten sensitivity but my youngest’s lactose intolerance.

There are those gray area foods. For instance, I have some black beans in my crock pot working with some chicken to make some Mexican Crock pot Chicken. Legumes are not paleo because they irritate the gut. However, it’s what we have and I’m on bare pantry creativity mode.

I hope to eventually take all of these great ideas and open my own restaurant. I loved starting the cooking column for the paper and hope it goes well in the future. I only sent in about 10 columns! As we go I look forward to posting more recipes. I am hoping to get on a schedule and stay consistent with posting. If you have any questions or concerns you are always welcome to ask and inquire.

Don’t forget to head over and “like” the Facebook page at for more pictures and updates. I look forward to walking along this journey with you. Any paleo’fying (changing a recipe to paleo) requests? Just leave them below! If I can’t, I’m sure I know someone who does. ^__^

Have an amazing day! Get out there! Get creative! Get messy, make mistakes!

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