Inspiration for Greek Food

Many years ago a friend of mine decided to come cook with me. I was making the meat and she brought the most amazing berry topped spinach salad. I love both of these recipes and still make them to this day. There’s nothing better than having a friend (even if that friend is your little kiddo) in the kitchen. I decided I wanted to try to make Souvlaki. After all, I’ve been told my looks would pass for a beautiful Greek, my favorite movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I just overall love Greek food.
I love looking to international cuisine for inspiration and this is quite easy to assemble ahead of time. You can use various cuts of pork and pork is usually more budget friendly. Souvlaki is simply marinated pork. It is usually put on pita bread (for all of you non-paleo’s out there), but we just eat it by itself.
Here’s what you’ll need to get this pork marinating party started:
⦁ Pork (Country Ribs, Pork Steaks, Pork Chops…whatever is convenient for your budget.)
⦁ Wine (Red works great and is traditional but we’ve used Moscato before; it’s what we had. Add enough to cover the meat. I can use one whole bottle of cooking wine.)
⦁ Fresh Dill (Eh…Okay don’t skimp on this one. It’s worth it! 2 or 3 sprigs)
⦁ Fresh Garlic (2 or 3 cloves…unless you’re a crazy garlic lover like me, then add until your heart is content.)
⦁ The Juice of One Lemon
⦁ Salt and Pepper
The easiest way to start this is to find a big enough container that has a lid. The longer you let these marinate, the better. Add all of the ingredients into the bowl. The easiest way to get the garlic well minced is to use a cheese hand grater. I have a small hand held one I bought at Dollar Tree that has never failed me. Make sure the ingredients are in between the pieces, especially if you need to stack them. Put in the fridge over night or for a minimum 2 to 4 hours. I left mine in the freezer for four days then let them thaw throughout the day on the counter (with a paper towel underneath for condensation).
You can either cut them into small pieces with some sharp kitchen scissors, or grill them as is. The smaller pieces are better if you would like to wrap them up in some pita. Another good, gluten free, alternative would be to simply use a romaine heart lettuce wrap. If you save the juices, use them to baste the meat as it cooks. This keeps the meat from drying out as easily.
There are so many great ideas for sides. One of my absolute new favorites is sticking some artichoke hearts on the grill with the pork, some onions, kalamata olives and olive oil, salt and pepper. Or cook a spaghetti squash, add olive oil, salt and pepper, onion, garlic, olives, and feta (if you tolerate dairy). I leave off the feta and it’s still pretty awesome!
I hope you enjoy my version of this amazing Greek dish! I’m sending everyone big smiles, warm hearts, and great spirit from my international house of Common Sense. I hope you will come back next week and see where in the world is this Common Sense Cook. Opa!

6 thoughts on “Inspiration for Greek Food

    • Ami M. Lee says:

      Yes it sure is! But…it’s soy, gluten, and dairy free mac and cheese from Amy’s…and the beans aren’t paleo, but my husband loves them. We probably only this once a month. I’m not too fond of “paleo-fied processed food.” To me, it’s just as bad. The family needs a break from time to time and I try to do it as smart as possible.


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