A Month in Review: October

I’m actually writing this a few days early since this month ends in Halloween. Actually…in line of thought…I may have a double post that day to discuss Paleo Halloween and what me and my husband have come up with. But, I digress.

I believe this is the first full month of blogging and I’ve learned a few things. I am in love with blogging about food. I will not always succeed on pleasing my entire family with a recipe. Recipe reviews are so much fun when they come out good. I have a lot more tact on that one slightly negative review than I thought I could have. And, in reality, I have that feeling that this is what I should be doing. Who knows where we may go. I’ll look back five years and smile at figuring out, this is what my life was meant for.

One of my favorite moments from this month was realizing that I really make a lot of stuff up as I go. I came to the conclusion if I ever get the chance to make a cook book, it’ll be called “Stuff that I make Up.” I would call it *Bleep* that I Make Up…but that’s not very professional, right?

I also enjoyed last nights success even with my husband. As I mentioned in my Common Sense Philosophies post that I was making a Chicken Roulad from Against All Grain. It had flattened chicken breasts, dairy free pesto, and prosciutto. I also made broccoli on the side. I received a five out of five. All of us liked this dish! My husband still isn’t on the paleo bandwagon, so I have been working hard trying to find paleo recipes that even my picky husband will enjoy.

Most of all, I enjoyed all of the comments and feedback on all of the posts. Thank you to all the readers who like, shared, and/or commented on posts. It brought me great joy and I’m so glad for each of you to be here. To all my followers, thank you so much for believing in me and what I love to do. I hope to keep impressing as the blogs roll on.

What was your favorite recipe from this month? Is there anything you would like me to try or have recipes of your own to recommend? Leave them below and I’d love to check them out!

I hope you had a wonderful October, and even if you didn’t…remember…There’s another month right around the corner to be better. I’m sending you good smelling kitchens and full bellies, from my Common Sense Kitchen to yours.

Happy Halloween!

-Ami M. Lee, The Common Sense Cook

2 thoughts on “A Month in Review: October

  1. Carol says:

    It’s not always easy to please everyone in the family, is it? With me my husband is on board but not so my teenage boy – however, he does see that it has helped my DH lose weight, so he at least doesn’t complain too much about the meals…but does often tell me I don’t have enough ‘food’ in the house for him to snack on. We obviously disagree on what ‘food’ is! πŸ˜‰


    • Ami M. Lee says:

      Oh yes! The struggle is Real!

      I was heading to the store and my husband had me buy him cereal and milk. Milk was $4.96 a gallon! I nearly fainted. You should look up some healthy snack alternatives. I’ve found great success with paleo alternatives because it’s not giving them a veggie stick…It’s trying to make gluten, dairy, and sometimes, nut or egg free alternatives that are close to their conventional cousins. Good luck! I’m cheering you on!

      Happy Sunday. πŸ™‚


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