Throw Together Stir-Fry

All too often I find myself standing in the fridge wondering what in the world I’ll make for myself for lunch. It’s easy to give the kiddos a piece of gluten free bread, jam, and almond butter and their fruit of choice. However…I need a little more than that. Not that I don’t mind making a full meal for all of us sometimes…just other days it’s what we have.
So before me sits a lidded casserole dish full of a pre-cooked chicken I had cooked and pulled apart. It’s occasions such as this that I keep some cooked chicken laying around in the fridge. Originally, I was just going to cook some onions (that I have been craving like madness lately), and some of the chicken. But…being paleo… We’re looking for nutrient density too. Yes…that means some veggies. I had some frozen veggies in the freezer perfect for a stir-fry.
So here’s what you’ll need to throw together:
⦁ Cut up Chicken (If you make from fresh some chicken breast would work fine.)
⦁ Green Giant Antioxidant Blend Frozen Veggies (In your favorite grocer’s freezer section.)
⦁ Half of an Onion (Cut it however you want. I had pre-minced an onion earlier this morning and threw it in.)
⦁ Olive Oil
⦁ Sesame Oil
⦁ Liquid Aminos, Coconut Aminos, or Tamari (If you aren’t GF, then plain ole soy sauce would work.)
If you have all of these things on hand…this is a piece of cake. Cooking with all fresh ingredients, of course, will be even more delicious. If you have everything fresh just make sure all of your veggies are cut up and well cooked, your meat is cooked, and then follow the directions to follow.
If you used the frozen veggies, cook according to the instructions on the package before you start so that they can be ready when you need them. If they’re done early, simply set them in a bowl on the side.
Add a good swirl of olive oil to a deep pan. Let it heat up on medium high. The onions should sizzle as soon as they hit the oil. Cook them until they are soft. Add the cooked veggies in. (You could do this all at the same time if cooking from fresh.) Add the meat of your choice. (You could use any meat you have.) After it is hot and well blended add a light swirl of sesame oil and a few dashes of liquid aminos. Stir well, then put on a plate. Enjoy! This can be made for as many or as few people as you need.
I hope you enjoy this really fast recipe that would be great for a quick lunch or supper. Rice is a paleo gray area because it’s nutritionally pointless and isn’t necessarily bad or good for the body. If you’re not paleo and want rice? Go on with your bad self my friend! I’m sending you yumminess in a jiffy from my (Paleo Parenthese Filled) Common Sense Kitchen, to yours. We’ll see you back, same paleo time, same paleo blog. You never know what this busy mom and Common Sense cook will throw together next!
Ami M. Lee, The Common Sense Cook

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