Manic Monday – Green Tacos for Lunch

It’s safe to say that my children’s favorite meal is taco night. It was one of the first meals that I was able to get my middle kiddo to successfully eat way too much of! I found myself, however, in a big dilemma. Corn tortillas, and flour tortillas are not paleo. I’m scavenging in my kitchen one day trying to throw lunch together and something whispered in my ear….”Tacos.”
I bought some romaine hearts to wrap around some yummy bison burgers. I used these as wrappers for the tacos! Of course, before I made three plates of these I had all three of them try one…and they liked it! I felt like I needed a pat on the back for that one.
Here’s what I assembled:
⦁ Finely chopped Chicken (I had cooked a whole chicken and stored it for such occasions.)
⦁ Organic Ketchup
⦁ Romaine Heart Lettuce
Three magical ingredients! I carefully peeled one leaf off at a time. Lay it flat on the plate. Add some chicken and a squirt of your favorite condiment. Ours just happens to be Simple Truth Organic Ketchup. You could add many more ingredients! The possibilities are endless. I think some caramelized onions would be fantastic.
My kiddos enjoyed these tacos with some plantain chips and some pickles. Feel free to throw some of those small goodies from the fridge on their plate. This could even be a great paleo lunch to pack for them to take to school.
I hope you enjoy this ridiculously simple recipe. Sometimes simple can be just as good as something with 30 ingredients. Cooking a whole chicken and storing it really saves time and sometimes money. I’ve been finding some great free range birds on clearance at Kroger. It’s only common sense to save time and money from my budget friendly Common Sense Kitchen to yours. Come back next week and you’ll find another healthy paleo recipe waiting for you.

Ami M. Lee, The Common Sense Cook

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