Mashed Potatoes – Two Ways

I know that potatoes do not have the best reputation with most paleos. In fact, potatoes may not be tolerated by everyone because it is a member of the nightshade families. (Look at this easy to read, informative post from The Paleo Mom:

But, for those of you with me on the potato bandwagon, I wanted to tell you how I like to paleofy my potatoes to be dairy and gluten free. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be complete here, without a big pile of potatoes and gravy. In case you missed it or are a new subscriber (thank you!<3), then check out the Giblet Gravy post so you can use all those yummy bits they send in the turkey. Don’t throw them out and don’t be afraid.

Here’s what you’ll need for potatoes two ways:

  • 2 – 3 Pounds, potatoes of your choice (I like yukon golds and plain ole sweet potatoes.)
  • Stock of your choice (I use mushroom or gluten free beef broth is pretty great too.)
  • Salt and Pepper to your choice
  • Butter (If you tolerate it. Grass fed butter is much better tolerated in our family than conventional.)

Peel your potatoes and rinse the dirt away. I’ve never really seen the point of washing them before hand because I always end up washing them again. It’s Thanksgiving. Save yourself the trouble. Peel and then rinse them off. Chop them up. If you’re doing a large amount at one time, I like to chop them then put them in a very large bowl.

Salt your water and bring it to a boil. You can add the potatoes before it starts to boil, just make sure the potatoes come up to a boil then turn them down to about medium heat. If it starts to bubble over, turn it down. I’ve mentioned a few times, my glass top seems to retain heat for a long time, which keeps me continually turning things down. I’ve even fried things on a two a few batches in! Set your timer for about 30 minutes. Check them frequently. If you can slide a knife through and it slips right back off (careful don’t splash yourself, I usually hold the cooking spoon under the piece I’m trying.) then it is ready.

Drain the water with a colander and return the potatoes to the pot. Take a whisk and start mashing the potatoes into little pieces. If they’re still hard and difficult to mash, you didn’t cook it long enough. It’s okay…I just did that the other night. Just make a smash potato instead of whipped, mashed.

Add the broth to your liking. I probably on average use between 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup. Remember, as Emeril Lagasse says, you can always add more, but you can never take more out. Whip it around, add salt and pepper. Do this when it’s hot and it should look like mashed potatoes. I used to use an electric cake mixer to do whipped potatoes that are pretty great, but this gives a good chunky, country style, mashed potato.

You can do the same thing with white or orange sweet potatoes. If you really want to spice up some orange potatoes you can add red bell peppers, crushed bay leaf, and use beef stock. Throw them in a lovely serving bowl and you are good to go. I did see Jacque on Jacque & Julia put his in what looked like deep ceramic, maybe souffle cookware in a deep, wide pan of hot water to keep them warm.

I hope you enjoy this hearty side dish made paleo. Giving up dairy and gluten can seem hard on the holidays, but that shouldn’t keep you for enjoying your old favorites, with new ingredient comrades. I’m sending you paleo alternatives from my kitchen to yours. I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for two recipes! I’ll be doing a Manic Monday combined with a recipe review for Pumpkin Pie Smoothie…You won’t want to miss this! Of course, I’ll also be bringing you the star of Thanksgiving! My paleofied Julia Turkey.

-Ami M. Lee, The Potato Mashing, Common Sense Cook

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