A Month in Review – January

January wasn’t a very active month here on the blog for me. It’s been a big, stressful month.

On January 5th I started the AIP or Autoimmune Protocol. It’s a version of Paleo that eliminates some added foods to see if there are any remaining sensitivities. It’s not forever…and it’s a lot more complicated than I can go into in one post…If you do want more information seek out great sources like “The Paleo Mom” and “AutoImmune Paleo” and many great others. I did pretty well but found I am very sensitive to nuts and tomatoes so far.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

I think my favorite recipe this month was the Pressure Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage. That may be me being a little nostalgic, but it turned out truly delicious.

aunt linda

Unfortunately though, on January 31st, I was on my way to see my Aunt Linda for what would probably be the last time and she passed away before I got to her. I carried around a lot of guilt. I was so deeply sad and depressed. I miss her so much that it hurts sometimes. She was like my second mom and is one of the best cooks in the family. I can remember from a young age sitting across her bar from her while she peeled potatoes, tomatoes, and other vegetables. She was the only one that could get me to eat Spaghetti when I was little. I always remember well done sausage and gravy. Of course, But, I think I’ll most remember her Goulash and her Beans and Cornbread with Fried Taters.

I also fell off my diet. Today is the first day I’ve not gone without something with gluten in it. Which is really bad because I am ultra sensitive to gluten. I’ve been in a lot of pain physically and emotionally. I think as my heart starts to heal, I will make my way back to my diet. Although, there was a valuable lesson. I can’t eat conventionally. Too much pain. So that question of not stressing about the AIP and just eating conventionally is no longer an option.

But, what’s great for you guys is that I have a very long back log/list of recipes that I want to review, review the books, or to tell you what I made up.

I hope you guys can understand why I’ve been a little absent and not as active. I tried to put a good faith effort out there to keep trying to put up a recipe up when I was well enough. There is a Manic Monday post up and I hope I’ll be back on Wednesday to give you another great recipe and get back to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday Schedule.

My 3 Baby Yogis

What can you look forward to here?

I asked my kiddos what they’d like to make if I’d teach them how to cook something. So far Madison wants to make strawberry pie, Mark wants to make pancakes, and Rylan is undecided. I think it’ll be a great way to showcase how different my kiddos are, and how Paleo has really helped them and that it is so very possible to have happy, healthy, Paleo kids.

I’m always experimenting so you know I’ll figure something out. Always learning, always growing. I even made a meatloaf in my pressure cooker!? (My first book may turn out to be 101 ways to cook a Meatloaf!) I definitely want to talk more on my new pressure cooker that I received as a gift at Christmas. Hands down, I think everyone should own one!

So….Come on back next time and see what I come up with next. I’m looking forward to a happier and healthier year and hope you wonderful people are doing great so far too!

-Ami M. Lee, Big Momma, Missin’ some good ole’ Southern Cookin’, Common Sense Cook

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