A Very Veggie Hash

very veggie hash

I have shared and raved about ‘The Paleo Parents’ Sweet Potato Apple Hash. It was one of my first recipe reviews and I’ve since gone back and updated some notes on the bottom of my experiments with that recipe. Today I broke away and adapted this already amazing recipe into something even more amazing. I didn’t even know that was possible!

Here’s what you’ll need for this very veggie hash:

  • 1 Large White Sweet Potato, Diced (Or any extra large potato of choice. Mix and matching is yummy too.)
  • 1 Medium Yellow Onion, Diced
  • 2 Small Apples, Peeled and Diced (Green apples work best, but various red apples are just fine.)
  • 1 Crown of Broccoli, Diced
  • 1 Package of Bacon (I get the uncured, without nitrates.)
  • Aged Balsamic Vinegar (Optional…My new favorite aip friendly sauce!)

The hardest part of this hash is prep. You need a good sharp knife and plenty of plates or bowls to put the veggies on. A platter would work great too. Peel and Dice your vegetables. Go ahead and do this first. It helps the actual cooking go a little smoother. If you’re good at multi-tasking you may go ahead and cut your bacon into pieces and spread it out in a large pan.

Once the bacon has been cooking about 5-7 minutes on medium to medium high heat, add the potatoes, onions, and broccoli first. These vegetables take the longest to cook. This cooking time can depend on the type of potato you use. Sweet potatoes, the regular ole orange ones, cook a bit faster than the dryer white sweet potatoes. About 10 minutes later you can add the apples. About another 10 minutes and you will have your amazing, extra veggie hash.

What can you put on this? Well…I can’t do ketchup, but my kiddos did enjoy it. I have become obsessed with “25 Star Balsamic Vinegar” that I picked up on vacation in Hot Springs, AR at evilO. The flavor is so amazing. I really wish I would have bought one of the huge bottles, instead of a tiny one. I even told my husband we need to start a balsamic vinegar part of our food budget. ^__^ This also went really well with some eggs with green onions, a little bit of minced broccoli, powdered garlic, ginger, with salt and pepper topped with some local raw colby cheese.

I hope you enjoy this delicious and nutritious recipe. This got a 3/3 paleo kiddo approval rating! So I’m sending you guys a plate full of veggie deliciousness from my Common Sense Kitchen to yours. Come back next time to see if I can keep up with the paleo hashtag #MoreVegetablesThanAVegetarian.

-Ami M. Lee, Veggie Lover, Balsamic Vinegar Obsessed, Common Sense Cook

2 thoughts on “A Very Veggie Hash

    • Ami M. Lee says:

      Thank you! Salty and sweet are one of my favorite combos. If you try it out, I hope you enjoy. ^__^ Happy cooking!


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