Business Review – Bliss Cupcake Cafe in Conway, AR


My oldest stayed home today with a cold. After waiting an hour to see the doctor I felt like we both deserved a treat. Plus! It’s been years since me and her have gotten to spend alone time together most of the day. (You know, little brothers do that.) I had thought that I had seen a cupcake shop with gluten free cupcakes next to our favorite Asian Grocery store and sure enough!

To be truthful, most gluten free baking isn’t paleo approved but for my kids and I these are occasional treats. Walking in I figured they’d have one or two flavors in the bottom of the case but I was shocked to see 5 or more flavors! Chocolate chip, chocolate and caramel, a birthday cake looking one, and a few others. They even had discounted gluten free day old cupcakes! I was pleasantly surprised! We selected our cupcakes and went along our way.

When we made it home we opened our box. I love that it was perfect for carrying cupcakes because it had a piece to keep the cupcakes separated. We had a long drive home, so even though this is a simple observation, it was very helpful and appreciated.

Madison and I unwrapped our cupcake and began to dig in. I was worried that it’d taste too much like artificial sugar…My biggest issue that I had before switching to paleo with conventional cupcakes and frosting. Boy was I in for a surprise! It was perfect! The kitchen was silent because we were thoroughly enjoying our little cupcake experience. I think their recipe is amazing because the cake was moist and flavorful. The icing wasn’t overpowering and complimented the cake beautifully. Bliss was exactly what we girls were given in this simple, little box. The price is pretty expensive for this mom at $6.50 for two cupcakes, but I didn’t mind splurging and understand that gluten free baking is extremely expensive whether you do it yourself, or have someone else make it.

I highly recommend my neighbors check their cupcakes out even if you aren’t gluten free like us! They had plenty of other great flavors to choose from as well. My only concern is that if you are celiac, the cupcakes are all in the same case and obviously, since they make other cupcakes with glutenous flour, the risk of cross contamination is extremely high. If you are very sensitive you may ask more about their practices to avoid this before ordering.

If you’d like to check them out they are at 625 Salem Road, Suite 1 in Conway, Arkansas and you can find them on Facebook at

I look forward to taking the rest of the family back some day soon to enjoy another great gluten free cupcake. I hope you enjoyed this little review on one of our local businesses. I love trying to support local businesses and I hope to start writing some reviews to help out our neighbors and to encourage you to do the same. Go out and support our local businesses no matter how big or small they are, and no matter how much or how little they do to try to help those of us affected by food allergies. Even little steps matter.

-Ami M. Lee, Local Business Cheerleader, The Common Sense Cook

**P.S. I was not payed or compensated in any manner for my opinion on this company. I just happened to enjoy and wanted to share my experience.**

One thought on “Business Review – Bliss Cupcake Cafe in Conway, AR

  1. kenzelsfire says:

    When I’m in that area, I’ll have to remember to look them up. Most GF cupcakes/cake are just plain icky! I grew tired of what’s on the market so started making my own but I’m about to give up sugar….so even GF baked goods will have to stop. 😦
    Thank you for sharing!
    – Kenzel


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