Holiday Recipes Are Coming!!!

Thanksgiving Turkey

Some Wine for Me, and Some Wine for my Turkey

Hello my friends!

The last few weeks have been a little beyond crazy! I switched up the look of the blog and right before Thanksgiving….The internet goes down! Apparently a line was cut and they had to order it…and that took several days… So it was literally out of my control.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and I really enjoyed getting to see both my parents and more family. It really did my heart some good. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year because I get to cook. My Uncle was thoroughly impressed that I was going to cook. His compliments really made my day.

I have a lot to write about and I’m hoping to sit down and take time. I did  a YouTube video while I was taking my walk discussing some of my health journey. I’ve started some new supplements to help my digestion and balance my hormones. I’m feeling happier than ever even though personally, I have a lot of tough things going on.

I want to talk about more than just food. You may see a transition to some more personal type of blogging. I’ve started trying to get into a routine even though my life is ever changing. I’m getting back into yoga. My stress management is getting better as well…Although, as always, time management can always improve.

I think, even though I missed the Thanksgiving blogging season, I will probably take time to write down my recipes for you. They’re not just good for Thanksgiving! This year we had a great turkey, mashed potatoes, bacon braised kale, bread dressing (gluten and egg free), some baked beans that my mom brought and an egg free, gluten free cheesecake. My mom also made a really great cherry crisp. Not to mention…What seems to be becoming the star of the holidays..My honey butter using kerrygold grassfed butter and some local raw honey.

I look forward to the months to come. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season no matter how they celebrate it. I’m sending you happy thoughts and hopefully some yummy recipes from my Common Sense Kitchen to yours.

-Ami M. Lee, The Common Sense Cook

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